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Dielectric Testing

Big Rakk offers dielectric (hipot) testing for all of your bucket trucks and digger derricks.  We have trained, certified technicians equipped to complete testing at your facility or ours.  Our testing ensures your equipment is in compliance with the following OSHA and ANSI requirements:

OSHA 1910.67 (c) (3) Standard:
“Electrical tests.” Electrical tests shall be made in conformance with the requirements of ANSI A92.2 – 2001, Section 5.  However, equivalent DC voltage tests may be used in lieu of the AC voltage test specified in A92.2 – 2001.  DC  voltage tests which are approved by the equipment manufacturer or equivalent entity shall be considered an equivalent test for the purpose of this paragraph (c) (3)

ANSI A9.2-2001 Standard:
5.3 Electrical Tests For Insulating Aerial Devices
…5.3.2 Qualification Test
Each insulating aerial device shall be tested in accordance with Section 5.4.2 to insure compliance with the Electrical Qualification requirements as appropriate.  If the aerial device is altered or modified by the installer after the Qualification Test is performed, the original Qualification Test is not valid.

Contact our office to schedule your testing today.  We also offer inspections, repairs, and preventative maintenance for all types of large hydraulic equipment and machinery.